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How to get ready for marketing plans in this pandemic and effects of COVID-19 on your business!!

The world we live in is experiencing an enormous shift in priorities as well as due to the lethal coronavirus crisis that has made the world come to a deadlock. 

And many businesses across the world having to temporarily close down their services and others working in a limited quantity.

The future of the economic condition hangs in the balance, for there seems no near end spot to this COVID-19 outbreak.

During these days, as the situation is getting, businesses are seeking digital marketing services even more than ever. 

Don’t Ask, Why!!

It’s been roughly a time now since the Coronavirus started to switch our lives upside down.

From having to follow social distancing and getting used to life without going out, to continually washing hands and wearing masks is making the situation better

When it comes to COVID-19 And your online business, 

Digital marketing companies across the world are coming up with the best of the best strategies on how best to serve their customers during this pandemic that will give a long term expected results to them in the post-COVID-19 crisis.

Digital marketing chart

We as Top digital marketing agencies in India named Emotion Graphix doing the same.

From seo services to web designing and development, SMO(Social Media Optimization), SEM(Search Engine Marketing), Content writing services, etc. 

We’re offering at cheaper prices than ever…!!

Even if, during the COVID-19 pandemic, investing in Content marketing services should be the primary choice for you. 

 As the main reason is you can do it yourself with some simple tips and tricks. 

And it’s the best method to introduce people how you have made your services improve even in coronavirus outbreak.

So, we are going to have a quick journey at how to create quality content writing strategies to rank #1 in SERP( Search Engine Result Page) during this crisis of COVID-19.

So, without any further Ado, Let’s get started.

6 Content writing tips to boost your online presence during Covid-19

content writing tips

Tip#1: Content for Social media Platform..!!

In today’s Scenario, content writing on social media platforms is a concentrated part of this time. Since we can get continuous new updates across the world.

Undoubtedly, empathy is key here. 

Honestly, we are not allowed to trouble people and make them disturbed and approximately everyone, these days, is equally worried about something related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

We are aware of the situation of the world we are living in. Our main focus should not be only a promotional content writing strategy and raising brand awareness.

However, our main approach should be helping people to say very clearly, we should believe in the ideology.

We should start a motto to “stop selling and start helping with cheaper services and offers”

However, there shouldn’t be any compromise with quality.

Now, coming to the promotion of Content marketing strategies with google friendliness.

TIp#2: User trustability with Search Engine-Friendly Content…!!

No doubt on a fact “Content is the king”

In other words, all the techniques of content writing especially targeting SEO friendly content is good for nothing, if your content quality is ZERO…!!

It means AS a good quality service provider, You should focus on creating premium quality unique content with well-experienced content marketing experts. 

( We as one of the top listed content marketing agencies of India have satisfied 10,000+ clients with our professional content writing services. In this Covid-19 outbreak, We not only aim of building our customers but offering you the best packages. We follow a strict principle of Writing content that is readable, valuable & informational for ranking #1.

TIP#3: Write More Relevant Content…!!

This is also a good time to write new relevant content for your website and its ranking. This is the time when people in lockdown all over the world will look for interest articles in their corner to read about to build their knowledge.

You should Show your industry expertise to those readers by writing helpful content for them that will definitely draw relevant traffic and result in rank #1 in SERP. The content published during this time can bring you great advantages in months to come when the world we live in begins to access normally hopefully.

TIP#4: Valuable Content

Providing such content in order to keep visitors engaged, simply publishing new content daily is not sufficient During this COVID-19 day seeking online, you can read millions of articles explaining TIPS OF CONTENT VALUABLE CONTENT.

But The Question is, Do all Content writing service providers follow the same?

valuable content

The simple answer is.

Only Less than half of digital marketing especially content marketing agencies across the world follow the same. 

Emotion Graphix(A top-listed Digital marketing agency of India provides all marketing services) is one of them..!!

Additional  Content Writing Tips during Corona outbreak..!!

Dos and Don’ts of Corona virus Content Marketing strategies between your business and its customers are very essential, but there is a not-so disturbing balance between what you should and shouldn’t carry. We’ll start with Corona virus content Writing practices with Dos and Don’ts.  


  • Let your client’s customers know if your activities have improved, and an estimate of how true these changes are to remain entire.
  • Let them know updates as often as required to adjust customer expectations of your business such as, Now offering takeout and delivery, We are back discounts in new stock.
  • Build digital marketing efforts that you can control like SEO and other recognized social media platforms
  • You should add new frequently asked questions from your customer base that are straight relevant to your services.
  • You should work on a motto of Start helping than start selling.


  • Use COVID-19 humor in email marketing/ promotional emails — “better situation of Corona virus?” email subject line from a solar products agency.
  • Drive exploitative marketing
  • Send messages to your customers about your regular cleaning practices and that sick employees and customers should stay home — this should be business as usual
  • Use the horror of disease spread as value-added sales advantages, such as non-touch of the object.

In the conclusion of Content Marketing Strategy and effects of COVID-19 On the marketing…!!

Lastly,  Your business has undoubtedly been impacted by the Corona outbreak. 

whether you’re based anywhere in the world, it can be very difficult to build a digital marketing strategy

And Get back with improved Services.

So, These above given free tips of content writing can definitely help you.

If you’re not interested in investing in professional digital marketing services or content marketing services, these Content marketing practices tips can help you. 

Meanwhile, in case, you’re looking for professional content writing services at affordable prices. Then, Emotion Graphix Can literally Help you.

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